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Voici les 10 mascaras les plus vendus chez Sephora

Fini les grumeaux!

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Toutes les filles le savent, les produits de beauté, ça coûte cher. Alors il n’y a rien de plus frustrant que d’investir dans un mascara qui coule, qui fait des grumeaux ou qui ne donne pas des cils aussi longs qu'on pensait. Et comme c’est un produit qu’on utilise tous les jours, il vaut toujours mieux se fier aux gens qui l'ont essayé pour éviter de gaspiller son argent. 

Voici donc les 10 mascaras les plus vendus chez Sephora et donc les plus efficaces selon les utilisatrices :


10. Urban Decay Mascara Perversion pour 30$

Vampy Varnish

Le commentaire qui nous a convaincues : At first I did not like because it was just to wet for me. As time went on I used it more and more and it got better. Then I read (in Cosmo I think) to use a defining mascara with it and that did the trick! This is how I use it. Step 1: use primer, Step 2: use Perversion mascara, Step 3: use a defining mascara (I like voluminous million lashes), Step 4: couple more coats of Perversion and voila! Clump free mascara.

Par Nurseaj le 6 octobre 2014



9. TOO FACED Mascara hydrofuge Better Than Sex pour 30$

Face Made Up

Le commentaire qui nous a convaincues : As someone who cannot wear non-waterproof mascara if I want my eyelashes to hold a curl, it was nice to be able to try BTS in a formula that works for me. It does make my eyelashes look very full, long and holds a curl, but I don't see any real value in spending more money on this than a drugstore waterproof mascara.

Par ermccurr le 20 août 2016



8. Lancôme Mascara Monsieur Big pour 31$

Rose Mademoiselle

Le commentaire qui nous a convaincues : From no lashes to full lashes. Best mascara that has EVER existed. Hands down. In every way. Gives you massive amazing lashes

Par Loveleigh83 le 20 mars 2018



7. Dior Mascara Diorshow pour 36$


Le commentaire qui nous a convaincues : I've tried all the "best" mascaras & have never been blown away. I've stuck with this one the longest & like it quite a bit. I do think it wears better & goes on more smoothly with the Dior lash primer, which also helps quite a bit with volume without getting clumpy. I've always had issues with my mascara running a bit & think this formula stays put the best for me. I will say it's a bit inconsistent, as sometimes I get a clumpy lot & other times I've had it dry out quickly.

Par mrsm8t le 18 juillet 2016



6. Benefit Cosmetics Mascara BADgal BANG! pour 32$

Benefit Cosmetics

Le commentaire qui nous a convaincues : I don't wear false lashes to the club anymore. This is the mascara I have been looking for all my life. The first time I wore this mascara I was getting ready to go to the club and I put was prepping to put on my falsies. Thank goodness I looked up before putting on my false lashes because DANG did my natural lashes look good. I just stared at myself in the mirror, put away my false lashes and left. It’s been a month and I haven’t worn my false lashes since getting this mascara. It is everything I could have ever dreamed of in a bottle.

Par eschneids le 29 mars 2018



5. Lashfood Rehausseur de cils Phyto-Medic pour 81$


Le commentaire qui nous a convaincues : I have been using this consistently for a year now (on my second tube) and my lashes have grown substantially. They are now super long and have gotten thicker! It’s not a miracle product because you do have to be diligent with it’s use, but the payoff is worth it. Plus, it doesn’t irritate your eyes or have any side effects.

Par graciella93 le 27 mars 2018



4. Benefit Cosmetics Mascara Roller Lash pour 32$

Benefit Cosmetics

Le commentaire qui nous a convaincues : This one delivers! After using a sample size, I plan to buy a full size because this mascara really works as promised!! First, the formula: wet, goes on nice and smooth, no clumps or lumps. Gives my lashes length and volume, very defined and separated. Wears all day, no smudging, and removes easily. Then, the brush: nice short bristles that let you get right at the roots of your lashes without smearing on your eyelids. The curve hugs your eyelid shape. and the little bristles really do grip your lashes! I have never liked using an eyelash curler, and can honestly say that when I have tried, I see no difference. I do think this mascara gives a bit of a curl. I have tried other mascaras from this brand without much success, but this one is a winner!

Par gogreyhound le 12 avril 2015



3. Benefit Cosmetics Mascara They're Real! pour 32$

Benefit Cosmetics

Le commentaire qui nous a convaincues : Despite its quirky name, They're Real! is without a doubt in a class all its own and the best mascara my eyelashes have ever seen. I purchased it on a whim from my Sephora store's Best-Selling Mascaras Display after returning a different mascara product. This mascara is clean and easy to apply, defines my lashes beautifully, lengthens and separates, has an awesome brush that just works, and when applied, stays neat all day long. No lumps, no clumps, no mess. Wow, I am impressed.

Par LIRose le 23 juin 2013



2. Milk Makeup Mascara Volume intense KUSH pour 29$

Angel Nails It

Le commentaire qui nous a convaincues : This stuff is AMAZING. One of the best mascaras I have ever used. It is so black and gives such volume and length!! I only have one complaint and it is that a lot of product comes out on the wand, but you can scrape it off on the side. The mascara is so amazing it’s very easy to look past this small flaw. I HIGHLY recommend this product.

Par grace2797 le 15 mai 2018



1. TOO FACED Mascara Better Than Sex pour 30$

Elite Daily

Le commentaire qui nous a convaincues : This is one of the best mascaras I have ever tried! It is so smooth and creamy and it will give your lashes a nice curl and defenition. It also nicely seperates them. Many people complain about its flaking qualties but I wore it for a 9 hour day and it did not flake even though it was very hot. The packaging on it feels heavy and luxurous.

Par AH0317 le 14 mai 2018



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