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Voici les meilleurs nouveaux produits de 2018 chez Sephora

Les meilleurs produits de l'année!

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L’année 2018 a été remplie d’événements marquants, et les nouvelles arrivées beautés chez Sephora ne font pas exception à la règle. Nous vous avons présenté les meilleurs vendeurs dans différentes catégories tout au long de l’année, et cette fois-ci nous vous présentons les produits que la chaîne a eu de la difficulté à garder en stock tellement ils ont été populaires.

Nous ne prenons aucune responsabilité si vous êtes soudainement envahie par l’envie de renouveler complètement votre trousse de maquillage.

BADgal BANG! Mascara volumisant de Benefit à 32 $


Le commentaire qui nous a convaincues : Super Long and Lasting!! The BEST mascara I’ve ever used!! I’ve tried other Benefit and Mac mascara’s in the past but this one is by far the best and lasts super long too. I can’t even tell you the amount of times people have asked if I’m wearing fake lashes!

Par dpetru


Masque Jet Lag de Summer Fridays à 59 $


Le commentaire qui nous a convaincues : Worth the hype! I’ve never done a review before, but felt so compelled when I woke up this morning. I debated getting this mask but finally made the choice to do so. Received it in the mail yesterday and of course had to test it out right away. I have very fair sensitive combo skin with rosacea. Put on a semi sheer layer, using about an inch or so of what came out of the tube and got into bed. I used no other products combined with it. I’m seriously shocked at how soft and luscious my skin feels. Hydrated too! I don’t think I’ve ever woken up with skin like this. And after only one use!! Unbelievable. I can’t imagine what good this can do to a sunburn (I live in Miami) or if you live in the North East and are experiencing a cold dry winter! So excited to keep using this! Must buy!!!!!!

Par lolascolas


Ligneur liquide longue tenue pour les yeux Flyliner de Fenty Beauty by Rihanna pour 25 $

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

Le commentaire qui nous a (vraiment) convaincues : I put this eyeliner on at 5:30pm and it lived through a street festival, crowded bar with no AC, and a 45 min ugly cry session in the back of an Uber. Best purchase ever.

Par EvelynMSilva


Rouge à lèvres MatteTrance MC de Pat McGrath Labs pour 52 $


Le commentaire qui nous a convaincues : the most moisturizing matte lipstick ever. I swear, this is the most moisturizing matte lipstick i’ve ever tried. I was doing my youtube video review and when i was applying it for the first time i even thought i ordered a wrong one! This is a super pigmented and smooth lipstick! The price is explained by the formula i think, but anyways, i love it!

Par farashenka


Masque illuminant et exfoliant au curcuma 2-en-1 de Kora Organics pour 60 $


Le commentaire qui nous a convaincues : I love this product!! It makes my skin feel soft, instantly. The texture makes my skin feel clean and purified, with a refreshing scent. My skin is clearer and brighter already! And I just started using it.

Par jilondon


Fond de teint longue tenue éclatant naturel de NARS pour 60 $


Le commentaire qui nous a convaincues : Hands down the BEST foundation I have ever used. I am a foundation addict and whenever a new one is out I am the first to try it. This exceeds all expectations. It is completely fill coverage and it looks like your skin BUT BETTER. It does not look like the typical full coverage foundation that looks like a mask. People will think you found a new skincare routine that actually worked girl ! I have rosácea on my cheeks and trust me the redness is not easy to cover even with a full coverage foundation but with this baby right here... i can cover it ALL up. Will never not be repurchasing this unless they change the formula. Love love love. Btw my skin is dry/combo but mostly very dry and this did not cling to dry patches. Amazing. Great job nars.

Par jilondon


Le soin illuminateur de regard teinté nacré de Tatcha pour 60 $

hello giggles

Le commentaire qui nous a convaincues : This is a game changer.. A tiny drop is all you need and the coverage is amazing..It definitely brightens up your under eye area without it getting all cakey..I highly recommend this product

Par Debbiehart


Mascara Climax de NARS pour 30 $

NARS Cosmetics

Le commentaire qui nous a convaincues : OMG - this mascara gives me the thickest longest lashes of everything I have tried over the years. My new favorite and go to mascara. Best part - unlike some other mascaras that deliver on lashes but transfer and result in raccoon eyes - this Nars formulation stays put all day.

Par miumi


Gouttes soleil antipollution D-Bronzi TM de Drunk Elephant pour 44 $

Drunk Elephant

Le commentaire qui nous a convaincues : I love this product! Being a brown skin girl I was nervous that this wouldn't work for me but I decided to give it try and I am so happy I did. I mix this with my morning serum, usually DE CFirma and it gives me the best glow. I go foundation free most of the time now using this.

Par Blair715


Illuminateur Jelly Beam de FARSÁLI pour 50 $


Le commentaire qui nous a convaincues : Finally! A liquid-like highlighter that does NOT move my foundation. I always liked the finish of liquid highlighters up until you wanted to set your face with a setting powder. I can do this on top or under a powder and it’s still gorgeous. And if you’re oily like me: don’t be afraid. It does not move at all, and does not make you even oilier. It dries to a powder! Glow on my fellow glow babes

Par EdgarRene


Anticernes Ultra longue tenue Flawless Fusion de Laura Mercier pour 36 $

Laura Mercier

Le commentaire qui nous a convaincues : I have been using this concealer for about a week now. Take note I work 12.5hr night shift. And here are my thoughts: first off, it it is has a lightweight feeling. I used this concealer under my eyes and it did not made my skin feel dry under there. Usually I see lines by the end of the day, since I normally get them from smiling anyway but surprisingly this concealer did not accentuate those lines! Awesome stuff! It has greatly brightened my under eye area as well since I am more of a light to medium skin tone and this concealer is more on the lighter shade range. I did have troubles wearing it 3 days in a row because by the third day, my skin was already a little dehydrated and needed a break. By the 8th hour on day 3, I noticed my skin was dry by the inner under eye area near my nose. I tend to have that problem when I do not prep my undereye as well or if I have been wearing makeup for a few days straight and for longer hours like at work. Also, I used this concealer for spot treating my pimple marks and did a great job with that. I noticed that if you leave the concealer for about a few minutes before blending, you get more coverage too.




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